Ah, the Memories . . .

Facebook memories just popped up my post from the day I ran into Ben in a train station and we reconnected. It was two years ago today.

I spent several minutes feeling rather emotional about all that’s happened in the last two years and how it’s led to a delightful satisfaction of where I am in life. I was about to post it with a caption along the lines of, “Two years ago, we had no idea where this would lead.”

While trying to decide on the wording for my caption, I noticed the post had two “likes,” so I clicked to see who they were. 1) Ben. 2) The Ex.

If I don’t stop laughing, I might have a heart attack.


Bedtime Stories

Actual conversation Ben and I had in bed last night:

Me: Want to know a secret?

Him: Sure.

Me: Whenever I see hipster guys with waxed mustaches, I compliment them. But I don’t mean it.

Him: . . . Are you complimenting them ironically?

Me: You get me.